We leave on Saturday, from the port of Milazzo to the Aeolian IslandsEvery day you can visit a different island, admire a different sunset and a different landscape. Usually our cruises are weekly but, other periods are not excluded.

Grifone, a Sun Odyssey 54, is our sailboat which combines comfort and sustainable travelling. Wide areas, refined finishes and the charm of sailing make this boat unique among the Aeolian boats charter.

If you prefer living the sea in the daytime and spend the night in a hotel you can choose “Baia 43”, a modern, wide, and refined Yacht which allows to quickly reach every place you would visit.

If you choose a daily cruise or need a quick transfer, we have the motorboats which allow to travel in exclusive and independent way to safely reach every desired place. We support you from the panning of your cruise to the choise of the excursion.


We are aware that when we travel by sea, weather conditions impose time and stops. Neverthless, it is essential planning in advance which places to visit and where to stop, whichever destination is, the Aeolian Islands or Sicily coasts.

Transfer: we are in contact with the best worker operators to offer you the best transfer service from and to the main airports or from the port of Messina.

Itineraries: every island, bay, every little village, has a story that is worth knowing and peculiar places worth visiting. You can visit Ginostra, the most remote village, Lipari, the biggest and the most populated island, each island hides wonders to discover.

Excursions: Excursion to the crater of Stromboli, tour of the Museum of Lipari, guided excursions through local naturalistic paths. These are just a few of the activities you can do during the islands tour. We maintain regular contact with local Touristic Guides and Naturalistic Guides to meet your every need and propose unique routes.

Overnight stay: If you wish to spend the night in the islands, we can put you in touch with the best local hotels and, if you feel like relaxing with a wellness path or enjoying a gourmet dinner, we can suggest the most exclusive and renowned places to you. Travelling with Trinacria does not mean just “getting a boat” but, having our support from the very beginning to the end of you journey.


The benefits of yoga with sea view.

Live a yoga experience on our sailboat.


Customized honeymoon to Sicily, between land and sea. Make your honeymoon unforgettable aboard a private yacht and create your magical moments

Bachelorette and

bachelor party

Nothing better than a boat with all the comforts, and a tailor-made itinerary to amaze the future bridge or groom.