3 days trips

Bank holiday weekend: from Friday to Sunday. All the itineraries included in this offer are only possible by sailboat and in the low season. Departure from Milazzo and return to Milazzo.

Lipari, Stromboli, Panarea

Lipari, Stromboli, Panarea

Friday: departure by 10.00 a.m. heading for Lipari – Cave di pomice (Pumice quarries) We anchor the boat in front of the disused factories where the pumice stone was extracted and worked. This product was highly marketable until the last century. After having lunch, we go to the port to take a walk to the old village where you can have dinner. It is worth going through the main street, Marina Corta, full of peculiar locations and shops, open until late.

Saturday: departure by 10.00 a.m. heading for Stromboli. It takes 4 hours to get there but taking a swim in the crystalline sea surrounding Ginostra is worth the long wait. After bathing and having a quick lunch we take a tour of Stromboli. You can have an aperitif on board and dinner in the village, then, sailing along the “Sciara del fuoco”, we set a course for Panarea, where we will spend the night.

Sunday: wake up in the roads, breakfast, and tour of Panarea island. You can go to Cala Junco, Basiluzzo or to Lisca Bianca before sailing towards Lipari. Take your time, have a swim, go snorkeling, then lunch on board and around 3.00 p.m. heading for Milazzo, where you will arrive around 6.00 p.m.

Salina, Panarea, Vulcano

Salina, Panarea, Vulcano

Friday: departure by 10.00 a.m., heading for Santa Marina Salina. We can land to go for a tour of the village, go shopping, or go to “Lingua”, a hamlet in the southern part of the island, where you can taste “Pane cunsatu” (a sort of seasoned bread) or “Granita” (sort of slush), maybe the best one in the islands. Then we go to the beach of Pollara, famous for the film “Il Postino” (The Postman) starring Massimo Troisi. It is a magic place, here you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset. The facing bay is the perfect place to spend the night. You can choose to have dinner on board or in the nearby restaurants.

Saturday: wake up in the roads, breakfast and a swim, then sailing for Panarea. Maybe, this is the most sophisticated and trendy of the Aeolian Islands. Arriving before lunch allows us to anchor in the roads near Cala Junco, on the promontory you can admire the remains of prehistoric villages. Take a bath in this crystalline water is one of the most suggestive experience. In the evening you can have an aperitif in one of the many bars on the island or after dinner you can go dancing at some of the most renowned clubs.

Sunday: go sailing through the Aeolian Islands gives you the chance to live each day, since the moment you wake up, in a different location and to enjoy different breathtaking landscapes. Each roadstead or bay has a unique charm, the colors always changing and above all the sea at sunrise has a smell and shades impossible to forget. Once the crew is ready, we sail to Vulcano island, the nearest to the Sicilian coast. This island is one of the most picturesque due to its sea stacks and black sand beaches. It has also one of the most ancient thermal complex, where you can benefit of natural mud baths. You can have a swim or lunch or a quick aperitif to enjoy to the full all that the island can offer. Grifone will bring us back to Milazzo at around 6.00 p.m.

Strait of Messina, Scilla, Bagnara, Costa Viola

Strait of Messina, Scilla, Bagnara, Costa Viola

Friday: departure by 10.00 p.m. heading for Scilla. T.S. Eliot said: “The journey not the arrival matters”, this quote perfectly fits in with our idea of journey. This does not mean that we intend to diminish the beauty of Chianalea, an old and suggestive district of Scilla, where we are heading for. This course, which will lead us over the Strait, is characterized by stunning landscapes; the Aeolian Islands shape on the left and the Sicilian coast on the right.

We can have the chance, with a bit of luck, to sea at the same time the Stromboli profile and the majestic peak of Mount Etna. Once passed by Cape Rasocolmo, where you can admire the Sand mountains, we continue toward the Strait. The stretch of sea that separates Calabria coast from the Sicilian one is about 2 miles. On Sicily’s coast you can see Torre Faro, an old district where Greeks built one of the first lighthouses. The upper part of its beach is occupied by an imposing “Pylon”, about 233-metre-high steel tower, once it was used to carry electricity. Currents, in the Strait, change direction normally every six hours. The primary current runs from South to North, but a smaller current runs in the opposite direction. The interaction of the two currents produces the whirlpools. The ancients used to identify them with primordial and feral monsters able to eat boats and sailors. Heading toward Scilla. You can take an afternoon swim, have an aperitif at the port and dinner in one of the many restaurants before going to sleep.

Saturday: breakfast and after taking a swim, we head for Gioia Tauro. Costa Viola is an amazing place, where the Apennines rise sheer from the sea leaving little space to settlements. We can make a stop in Bagnara Calabra or continue to Gioia Tauro, passing through Marina di Palmi. In the evening we come back to Scilla.

Sunday: in the morning we set out for Milazzo, you can decide to make a stop at Cape Rasocolmo to have a swim in one of the most peaceful places of Messina coasts. At 4.00 p.m. course for Milazzo, where you will arrive in about 2 hours.

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